Serendipity in Serengeti

Something special is afoot in the grassland. Sloth is throwing a slumber party. It’s midnight, and everyone is asleep. You tip-toe through your house to the secret door. The password is a tongue-twister, “serendipity in Serengeti”. Can you say it out loud? Rabbit will let you in if you can say it three times and fast.

The forest is magical. Slumbering Sloth wants friends to come over to his branch and argues with Frog, who refuses to budge from his frond. Flamingo’s dressed in magnetic pink and Zebra nodding off in his striped sleepwear. Cheetah shows a trick and vanishes in a flash of gold, and Lion looks on, a sight to behold.

This is one special gathering of friends and a story yet to be told!