Ask the Keeper

Frequently Asked Questions

Our founder’s son, Kabir, is four years old and dreams of being a Zookeeper. The name is in honour of his creative imagination.

The Zookeeper was founded in 2021. However, we are a team of designers, entrepreneurs and artists with more than a decade of work in design, retail and merchandise.

We are a decor, accessories and furniture brand made especially for children. Our lead designer has spent several years working with some of India’s leading design companies. Our goal at the Zookeeper is to create decor objects that spark curiosity and are functional and versatile. We believe our products achieve just that through a blend of the whimsical and the practical. An emphasis on certification and high standardization through quality controls would mean we ensure every piece is safe, sustainable and thoughtful.

We use only 100% pure cotton sourced from cotton farms certified in ethical and sustainable production. This ensures our products are gentle and toxin-free.

Our products are made from 100% pure, ethically sourced cotton. They are tested for textile shrinkage and colour fastness.

We suggest exploring our products like you were taking a walk in a zoo, a museum, or an ice-cream parlour! A strong pro-tip: involve the children! This is a great time for co-creation, learning and playtime for the both of you!

The beauty of handmade products is that no two pieces are alike, a perfect reflection that no two children are alike. Your child gets to touch, observe, explore and replicate the work of another hand, sparking joy and the curiosity to create for themselves. Handmade pieces carry an unparalleled emotional value and live on as heirloom pieces. They are definite “keepers”. In addition, our team of designers have replicated standardized protocols in the sourcing, design and development of products.

At the moment, we ship pan India. Please reach out to us at