Brand Story

We are a design-led, children’s décor and lifestyle brand based in Bangalore, India. Our design team works closely with artisans across India using techniques like appliqué tagai- kaam, hand embroidery and quilting to make objects for play and exploration. Our process combines artisanal knowledge from India’s craft clusters with latest manufacturing technologies of digital and screen printing. Each object helps the little ones tell good stories and make great memories. We create playthings, bedding, accessories and home storage made in 100% pure, ethically sourced cotton for children between 2 to 12 years. 

A stimulating environment is crucial in these young years and our products aim to nurture the young instinct to explore. Whether you identify as striped, spotted, feathered or tailed, we are all you need for an ideal room makeover. 

We love the planet, play and possibilities. 

We love ice cream, puddles and sushi. 

Oh, and telescopes too!

How about you?

Versatility and adaptability are what make our objects unique. Well, you see, the Zookeeper likes to escape into the details and appreciates the little things in life. A cross-stitch. A felt ant. But, s/he is never afraid of a big challenge and chasing sunsets. An ambitious, apliqued rainbow, A cheetah razai, sloth pillow. Every object we make caters to a world that is versatile and diverse. And, each piece is multifunctional, playful and jogs the imagination.

We design for a global generation of children,

the Zookeepers of this world,

Who love their idlis and their puris, 

pasta and pancakes, too

exploring shore to shore and sea,

Little boy, little girl, what do you see?